inspiration from a small farm with a big heart

With a Little Imagination


This is a picture of our latest project.  And with a little imagination you can see the watermelon and cut flowers in all their bounty!  We have decided that as a family project we will be growing personal sized seedless watermelon and cut flowers to sell at theSKY farmers market.  FYI, my husband, Nathan, works for the University of Kentucky and specializes in the production of fruit and vegetable crops.

The watermelons are already planted and we will soon be planting a variety of zinnias, miniature sunflowers, salvia, delphinium, pennisetum, gompherena, and whatever else I can’t resist at Mammoth Cave Transplants in Edmonson County, KY.  These will all be planted on the rows of black plastic in the picture.  The black plastic reduces weeds, evaporation, soil compaction, and increases yield.  There are rows of irrigation under the black plastic and Nathan will be setting up his fancy fertigation equipment soon.  This allows us to water, fertilize, et cetera on an automated system.  Fescue is planted between the rows to decrease run off and weeds.  Contact me for more information on plasticulture or Cut Flower Production.


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