inspiration from a small farm with a big heart

Why We Homeschool

1.  God told us to.  Not once, but many, many times until we finally said yes.

2.  I like my kids.  And I love being with them.

3.  Not to shelter them from the world.

     To show them the world.

4.  Not to protect them from those in need, those who sin or the unsaved.

     To teach them to help those in need, realize they are sinners and how to reach out to the unsaved.       

5.  Time is valuable.  And I NEED more time with my children than public school’s will allow me.

6.  I believe there is much more important things to learn than the 3 R’s (although we will be teaching the 3 R’s too!).

7.  If my children can learn to love and respect each other (not to mention their parents) they will do the same with others.

8.  We can focus on socialization rather than simply socializing.

9.  Education is important, and the holy spirit will provide us with the energy, encouragement and ability to provide our children with the best education for them.

10.  Homeschooling will allow us to slow down, rest in him and see his purpose for each of us.


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