inspiration from a small farm with a big heart

Our First Trade

IMG_8094Here is our first trade, a ton of books from our good, gracious friend Beth.  Carter was so excited as he stacked the books up one by one  (where does he get that from??) and yelled SCORE when he saw this one.  We looked through the books, played with them, smelled them and some of us laid on top of them…I let the kids pick out a few of their favorites and I picked out the more educational one’s and they went up to our future school room.  

The rest of the books will be donated to Newborns in Need to be passed out to families with pre-school aged kiddos.

We are so excited to add these fun books to our collection and even more excited to officially begin homeschooling.  We took our letter of intent to the school board today, so we are official!

I have to share one more thing about our trip to visit Beth at TC Cherry.  Carter and I have been talking for a while about Broadway’s partnership with TC Cherry school.  We are praying about partnering up with another kiddo Carter’s age so that we can read, play and study together.  He has had tons of questions about this partnership and we have answered all of them from the heart.  

So as we were entering the school Carter asked me, “mommy, is this where grown up’s come to learn about God from kids like me?“.

And I answered, “yes buddy, you are very right about that”.


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