inspiration from a small farm with a big heart

The Green Smoothie


I share this with you because it has changed my life.  I started drinking a quart of green smoothie a day about 2 months ago after seeing it here and here.  My interest came from an effort to eat healthier and be regular (sorry if that is too much info).  The smoothies taste great, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it, and they are unbelieveably healthy for you.  Like Sarah says here, you don’t have to make any other changes to feel better, just drink the smoothie.  Some of the benefits I have experienced so far include decreased cravings, regularity, cleaner skin, more energy and weight loss.  There are so many variations of the green smoothie and the best part is that you can put any fruit and veggie that you want in there, but here is my favorite:

All Fresh Ingredients:  Banana, Peach or Pear, Pineapple Spear, 2 Cups Spinach, Fresh Carrot Juice and Flax Seed.  Yummy!


 We drink them in Nathan’s recycled gatorade bottles so that we can take them on the run.  Elizabeth loves them and snatched this one up a few times while I was trying to get this photo.  Carter thinks they are alright, but prefers his yogurt-fruit smoothie.  I’ll share that one soon.



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