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Tie Dye Fun, Yummy Soap and a cup of Joe!

IMG_8135What a great day we had today at the SKY Farmers Market.  We always love going to see daddy and our friends at the market.  One thing I love about having my kids experience the market is that it becomes a community.  A fun, spirited community of different people, tastes and adventure.  Watching my kids float in and out of everyone’s booth eyeing their goodies.  Even better my kids “know” that those people have worked hard to bring those items to the market.  Our kids helped seed, plant, care and pick our produce.  They have watched their daddy work even harder each week preparing for market day.  So they respect those people and their items for sale.

IMG_8141Trading at the market makes the experience even more meaningful.  We are blessed that there are not a lot of things that we have to purchase since we grow almost everything ourselves.  But you won’t just find produce at SKY.  You can find clothing, jewelry, woodwork, coffee, soaps and the list goes on.  The kids were so thrilled to trade for tie dyed t-shirts-even Lilah got one.  And Carter and I have been dying to try the orange/lavender soap in our guest bathroom.  The soaps from LazyBFarms are wonderful.  And we traded a hefty heirloom tomato for a cup of Joe!  No photo because I drank that up really quick.

And on a side note:  look at those yummy baby thighs!


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  1. swarrell

    Just made it to the market for the first time on Saturday! Our family love, love, LOVED all the tomatoes from your farm (I had to taste each one as I cut them)! We haven’t made it to the watermelon yet, but I have the feeling it will be in our near future. I’m glad that you wrote about all of the different items at the market – I was really surprised to find all of the other goodies (cinnamon buns, eggs, milk, lotions, soap, jewelry…) besides the yummy produce. I even bought a bouquet of beautiful cut flowers. It made dinnertime seem more like a treat with all of the beautiful, fresh veggies. I felt like I appreciated my food more too, thinking about all of the work that went into producing it. Being at the market, eating all of the fresh, local food, and reading your blog has inspired our family to be more aware of what we’re putting in our bodies. I plan on visiting the SKY Farmers Market again very soon! I can’t wait to try your corn & beans!

    July 27, 2009 at 9:31 pm

    • freshfloralart

      Thank you Susan. I totally agree. Instead of enjoying food that is not as good for me I have started enjoying the search for healthy food. I actually just blogged about it. Not sure what I was thinking but……….maybe I will look back one day and be glad I did.

      July 27, 2009 at 9:39 pm

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