inspiration from a small farm with a big heart

The Saying is True…

IMG_8295Kids really are just as happy with a 
cardboard box.

So we were at Sam's and Carter had 
already mentioned how excited he was 
to scope out the cardboard bin for 
boxes to store our recycles in.  

Our plan is to use the boxes to make the 
roof, but for now they are storing our 
cleaned items very nicely out in the 

So we approach the checkout line and 
this is what Carter says, "Mom!!!  Wait till you see what I see.  
Just what we've always wanted.  A table for our house."

Now I've got to tell you that I was pretty excited that my kids are 
more excited about the free box than the rows of toys 
(we have had many conversations over the toys at sams).  As they 
drooled over the colorful boxes and dreamed of what they could 
"be" in our house I found myself pondering the educational 
opportunities here:  counting, measurements, stewardship, 
architecture, keeping home....

And then I realized that a few people were looking at us 
(and let me tell you, we looked rough, just out of the garden).  

And I went back to Carter's comment and realized that they may 
just think we are homeless.

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