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The Boys Shoes


As we are raising our children to be good stewards of God’s money and stuff, I am reminded of the impact my mothers prayer and Gods answers shaped my mind and heart.  

It is just something that changes you forever, for the better.

Nathan and I have made a conscious choice to live a slower, simpler life.  And with that we find ourselves living on a fairly tight budget.  All of our basic needs are met very well, but we have to be careful with extra purchases.  I’ve writtenabout how we do this before, but today I want to share how this choice is already blessing my dear sons heart.
There are two times of year that you can expect my home to look like it has been picked up and shaken.  Our semi-annual Lil’ Angels Attic sale moves me to start thinking about what clothes my kids will need for the upcoming season.  They are all still in that growing at a rapid pace stage and require new clothes each new season.  And what things we no longer need.  This is the first year that Carter has recognized that stuff costs money.  So he has been asking a lot of questions about how we will buy new clothes.  Let me start by admitting that there was a fleeting moment when I wondered if I should allow my precious little boy to ponder for a minute over our clothing.  But the truth is that not only would God work wonders in my life, but also in his.
As God always does he has challenged Nathan and I to become even better stewards of his money.  And I must admit that every time God does this I think we have been stretched to the limit and met our breaking point.  But once again he reminds me that we are being shaped for eternity.
Our living with less challenge to limit purchases as much as possible (and focus on trades and thrifting) has really challenged my thinking when it comes to my childrens clothing.  I had decided that I would sell their gently used items and re-invest that money to purchase more gently used clothing.  I still may do this, but God has shown me that his way is always more amazing!

Carter and I have been going to Goodwill every other week and have found some amazing clothing that he loves.  We have also met some wonderful people that God placed in our path.

Neighbors sent us clothing that we were both thrilled to get (lets just say that it is much nicer than I would have purchased myself).

As I surfed ebay and Craigslist for used tennis shoes our door bell rang and it was our neighbor with a bag of tennis shoes he had outgrown!  Praise God, isn’t he amazing?
So this morning Carter and I went through his wardrobe and talked about how amazing God is for providing us with such nice stuff.  And we both decided that there were two things that would be great to have.  A pair of blue crocs and a pair of brown dress shoes.  On a post it note I wrote those two items down and put it on the computer so we could search later. 
On the way to the store today I stopped by Goodwill by myself.  I found a few very nice shirts for the girls (that I will be upcycling later-photos to come).  And before I went to check out I decided to check out the shoes.  On the floor was a pair of very nice blue crocs and I was instantly filled with the holy spirit!  And I knew that there was a pair of brown dress shoes for us too.  I went to the back of the store and there they were.  A pair of brand new Gymboree shoes in size 13 waiting for Carters precious little feet.
When I showed them to Carter he took them and went out on the porch by himself.  He sat in his blue chair for a long time wearing, touching and looking at his shoes.  The truth is that these shoes fit his heart just as well as his feet.  
~I took this photo through the front glass so not to disturb his moment with the Lord.

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  1. Stacy McGovern

    Hi there. I just wanted to let you guys know how much my husband Chris and I have enjoyed the produce you guys work so hard to grow. We met your husband at the SKY farmers market and it is always a pleasure to visit your booth and come home with beautiful tomatoes and other goodies. When we purchased what I have come to think of as the “elephant chaser” hot peppers, your husband gave us a brochure and that is where I found the blog address. I have really enjoyed reading your posts, and it is wonderful to see a family so committed to be Godly, and to live what they believe. You are an inspiration and I wish you all the best.
    Many Blessing!
    Stacy McGovern

    September 14, 2009 at 1:43 am

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