inspiration from a small farm with a big heart

God Came Calling…

god calling…at the Goodwill again.  I have been saying that a lot lately.  God Came Calling is something my great grandmother would say when she would receive a blessing or answered prayer. She would say “God Came Calling” and I would come waiting to hear what magnificent thing God had done in her life.  Most often it was a 2/1 deal at the save-a-lot or the extra checks she had ordered from the bank arrived a day earlier than she had expected.  But what God Came Calling with wasn’t as important as the fact that GOD CAME CALLING.  He comes in the huge and tiny, powerful and gentle, moments of miracles and moments of silence.

There are a few reasons why I shop at Goodwill.

It is right by my house, cheap and I like the hunt.

God always blesses us with something we really need.

But the other reason is that God always puts someone in our path that we can bless.  When Carter and I go by ourselves he heads right over to housewares because he is drawn to the older men that are standing around talking, discussing the weather, electronics, or the economy (he also knows that there are usually a few toys there too).  He has one liners for these older men like “do you have a  tractor”, “are you a grandpa”, “Goodwill is cool isn’t it”.  You know, all the normal things a 5 year old says to a male stranger at the Goodwill.  But the truth is that God uses Carter to bless these men.  There also times that I take all three kiddos with me to the Goodwill, which is minor miracle in itself.  And Elizabeth is equally as chatty with many of the people who are obviously needing some love, while the baby strapped on my back always makes someone’s day.  Shopping at Goodwill is more than simply buying cheap stuff.  It is an experience that I can provide for my children and the people shopping there.  We come through the door like a tumbleweed in a cowboy movie, stick around, make people laugh, and always leave praying for others.

God may have some rocky paths planned for us in the future because he keeps blessing us with shoes.  A couple of weeks ago the men at our church were getting together to play some basketball.  I wanted to go because I love, love, love my church family and they have become our community.  But Nathan just wanted to spend time as a family, equally important so I didn’t think more about it.  We went fishing and stopped by church on our way home.  The boys were still playing ball so we stopped and Nathan ended up playing in his dress shoes.  It didn’t occur to me until that night that Nathan didn’t have any tennis shoes.  And because he is very selfless, and a little cheap, he didn’t want to spend money on shoes for himself.  So I guess you have already guessed what I found at the Goodwill.

A gently used pair of size 12 New Balance tennis shoes.

Praise God.  And I must add that Nathan needed God to come calling with something just for him.  You know, God loves us like that.  He wants to provide for our needs, but we have to let our needs last longer than a trip to the Target or a click of the mouse.


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