inspiration from a small farm with a big heart

In Gods Word

41kFAiJ2XDL._SL210_I have met a couple of very dear friends through the internet, mostly through my original blog {fresh floral art}.  While I realize that the internet is not a place to seek and invest great amounts of time on friendships I do believe that God brings people together, even online.  My friend Sarah is one of those people.  We challenge one another, pray for each others children and provide honest feedback for each other when we need it.  While we may never meet IRL (in real life), we look forward to the day when we greet each other in heaven and chat about our homeschooling ventures over coffee (that’s how it plays out in our head anyway).

Sarah is my friend I go to when I am trying to streamline and organize my life.  Her latest advice came from a need for a simple way for me and the kids to study the bible every day.  Through the bible with my child is the perfect addition to our curriculum.  It is set up so that you study the entire bible every four years and it can be repeated several times during a child’s homeschool experience.  It also includes questions and writing supplements.  While I may order the book so I can hold it in my hands, I started by downloading it HERE.


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