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A Review of Not Buying New

I have found {Not Buying New} very liberating.  There is something very freeing about knowing you can go anywhere, anytime and not be tempted to make a new purchase.  If I see something I want it gives me time to decide if it is really worth the effort trying to find it used.  If I do determine that it is a need (this happens very rarely now) then I add it to my post-it note of things to look for at goodwill, ebay or to trade for.  But most of the time I decide that we really don’t need it.

Not only are we trying not to not buying  buy new, but we are also getting rid of the old.  We have downsized the items in our home by about 50% in the last year.  We spend less time dealing with clutter, picking up unused toys or sorting through clothes to find the same old ones we wear all the time anyway.  We feel less tied down to our stuff.

I need to throw in a disclaimer here.  Because I started this post a while back and since then I have purchased a coffee pot and blender, 2 sports bras and 6 pairs of underwear, some maternity clothes and a pair of black athletic pants.  Want to make sure I am completely honest!  But I will say that I did my research and purchased those items at a huge discount!  When did undergarments get so expensive?  I also stepped back into a Target for the first time in 19 months.  And let me tell you that have this consumerism thing down pat…most of the above items came from Target on one shopping trip!

So if you know me at all you probably realize that I take things pretty seriously, you might even say a little over the top.  And I’d agree with that.  I enjoy challenging myself and taking things one step further.  

My desire to buy less comes from a need to be frugal and a conviction that there is just too much stuff out there.  

It’s more than recycling.

It’s discovering the things we need among the things no one else wants anymore.

It’s finding pleasure in the things we already own.

Or simply living with less.


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