inspiration from a small farm with a big heart

The Gifts are for HIM

Nathan and I have been struggling this year.  Trying to balance the celebration of Christ’s life as he was welcomed to this world by the young Mary and her betrothed Joseph.  How can the simplicity of that night live up to the grand spectacular event that Christmas is today?  How can we as parents prepare our children for a lifetime of celebrating in him?

Wanting our children to experience the magic of the surprise, the waiting for that special gift they had been hoping for, we find ourselves wanting struggling to find the perfect balance.  On Christmas Even morning the kids awoke to the gifts under the tree.  One by one they opened their special gifts and began to play.  We were encouraged by their satisfaction in the simple, yet thoughtfully selected gifts that they found great joy in.

The day continued and ended with a quiet Christmas service at church.  Returning home in the snow, reading the “real” Christmas story and each one of us writing (or coloring) a special gift just for Jesus was followed by everyone being tucked into bed with a special prayer.

The kids awoke to a special breakfast by candlelight followed by dressing in our warmest clothes.  We gathered candles, our “gifts” for Jesus, the clay Jesus figures the kids had created, and our overflowing wheatgrass that had been planted seed by seed for each act of kindness.

And then we opened the back door and the cold came in.  We stepped out of the warm house and into the white world outside.

One by one we climbed up into the barn.

To a secret place the kids had never been.  Experiencing something new to us all.

It became possible to get away from the shiny and new, the hustle and bustle.  To find peace in a barn with no where to go, nothing to eat, no presents to open.  But the gifts, oh the gifts.  Indeed we received gifts.  Our gifts to him, opened one by one.  Simply written on plain white paper we shared our gifts for Jesus Christ.

What joy is waiting for us when we give ourselves to him.  When we share him with each other.

And with peace in our hearts and favor in the Lord we prepared ourselves to walk back out into the cold.


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