inspiration from a small farm with a big heart

Our Family

IMG_2023The path we have chosen is different than most.  We are in search of a simpler, slower life.  Our family of five lives on a small farm in southern Kentucky.  Our days are filled with hard work, learning and resting in Jesus Christ our savior.  Come back and join us on our journey towards eating healthy, moving at a slower pace and seeking the will of God.  

Our family farm was founded in 2002, when we bought a home and thirteen acre in Warren County, Kentucky. We are both graduates of Western Kentucky University with degrees in agriculture and wanted to stay within the local community. In the Fall of 2003 we had our first son, Carter and that same year we decided it would be best for our children if Michelle could be a stay home mom. The only way we could do this was to sell part of our farm; so that next year we sold eleven acres of the farm. The remaining two acres became known as Need More Acres Farm.
We have been blessed with the opportunity for her to be home with our kids and supporting the family on one income. We have also been blessed with two more children since then; Elizabeth was born in 2006 and in the winter of 2008 our third child Lilah was born.
We enjoy working on the farm together and getting the children involved in the production and marketing of the produce we offer. We try our best to bring to you a top quality vegetable that is produced with family love, hope you enjoy.
Nathan Howell
Michelle enjoys documenting our life through writing.  A simple way to preserve our story for generations to come.
Growing Fruits and Vegetables
Floral Design
Simple Living
Frugal Living
Eating Well
Following God
Life on a Small Farm
Some of these topics have traveled to this blog from our older blogs {Fresh Floral Art} and {Life Is Good} so if you have followed us there you may see repeats.


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