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Our Own Garden of Eden

Many of the families we know garden, or would like to garden, or shop at the farmers market or buy fruits and vegetables. My point is that there is something about growing food that connects us to the earth and to God.

We are all searching for the truth. What God created this world for and why he chose to put us in it. By hanging on to growing our own food we somehow get reconnected to the original “work” of human life.

But the truth is that doesn’t exist anymore. Maybe that’s why we struggle to get along sometimes? Our vision of that garden is different. We have a hard time accepting each others gardens.

Nathan and I have talked about what our garden is. It’s true that we grow fruits and vegetables (not organically, I’ll add). But we truly believe that the fruit of our labors comes from our children. We have chosen to have many children, give birth at home and live life alongside them whenever possible. This is our garden. We believe God comes to us in the evening when we are living in this garden.

It is a garden of hard work and efforts that seem unnatural at times. But we know that when the harvest is over that we will see the fruits of our labors sent out to create their own fruit.  What may appear as lost dreams, shriveled opportunities and worn bodies will be memories of our time and gifts to the greatest gifts we’ll ever be given.  We will finish walking in our garden together and maybe get some rest!


The Green Smoothie


I share this with you because it has changed my life.  I started drinking a quart of green smoothie a day about 2 months ago after seeing it here and here.  My interest came from an effort to eat healthier and be regular (sorry if that is too much info).  The smoothies taste great, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it, and they are unbelieveably healthy for you.  Like Sarah says here, you don’t have to make any other changes to feel better, just drink the smoothie.  Some of the benefits I have experienced so far include decreased cravings, regularity, cleaner skin, more energy and weight loss.  There are so many variations of the green smoothie and the best part is that you can put any fruit and veggie that you want in there, but here is my favorite:

All Fresh Ingredients:  Banana, Peach or Pear, Pineapple Spear, 2 Cups Spinach, Fresh Carrot Juice and Flax Seed.  Yummy!


 We drink them in Nathan’s recycled gatorade bottles so that we can take them on the run.  Elizabeth loves them and snatched this one up a few times while I was trying to get this photo.  Carter thinks they are alright, but prefers his yogurt-fruit smoothie.  I’ll share that one soon.




Look what we’ve got growing…






IMG_8049Squash and New Potatoes cooked in olive oil

Fresh Spinach

Fresh Peaches

Fresh Plums

Whole Wheat Pasta covered in baked tomatoes, peppers, corn and tomato sauce topped with hemp seeds



IMG_8022As part of the eat local challenge in 2008 I blogged every day about the foods we were eating.  Rather than repeating that every day this year (because it did get very repetitious) I thought I would share with you what we eat pretty much every day this time of year.  I’ll start with our lunch which is Elizabeth’s favorite meal!


Lunch-It is some sort of combination of the following:

Salad with cucumber, tomato, pepper, squash, hemp seeds 

Eggs with Red Pepper Hummus or Tomatoes

Strawberry or Turkey Sandwich

Fresh Fruit

Pita or Tortilla Chips with Salsa

Cider, Carrot Juice or Milk


You can just see the look of enjoyment on her face!


The Harvest Begins

IMG_8017It’s official.  Tomorrow will be our first day at the SKY Farmers Market.  We will have squash, white cucumber, green cucumber, eggplant, green’s, onions, peppers and tomatoes!

If you live in the south you probably know that squash comes in by the bushel this time of year.  And you probably know pretty of cooks that fry their squash along with every other vegetable in the garden. 

Let me share with you my favorite, healthy way of cooking squash, eggplant, onions, peppers and zucchini.

Slice vegetables very thin.

Place in a frying pan with a think layer of olive oil.

Season with salt and pepper.

Cook until slightly crispy.